Olympiad performance puts QE boys among the mathematical élite

Pupils from QE performed strongly in a competition that is open only to the country’s best young mathematicians.

Fifteen QE boys were among 1,200 of the highest scorers in the UK Mathematics Trust’s Junior Challenge and thus qualified for the Junior Mathematical Olympiad.

Of the 15, five were awarded certificates of distinction, which are given to the top 25% of entrants in the Olympiad: Kieran Chan, Daniel Chen, Andrew Hui, Bhavik Mehta and Tianlin Zhang.

The top 50 candidates in the competition were also given a book prize, The Penguin Dictionary of Curious and Interesting Numbers by David Wells. “Bhavik and Tianlin were very worthy recipients of this book prize,” said QE’s Head of Mathematics, Gee Scarisbrick, who congratulated all the boys.

In addition, Kieran, Daniel, Bhavik and Tianlin were awarded silver medals for their impressive solutions to four questions in section B of the competition. Bhavik won a bronze medal in this competition last year. Andrew was awarded a bronze medal for providing three substantially correct solutions.