Outstanding A-level and GCSE results celebrated at Queen Elizabeth’s

Boys at Queen Elizabeth’s have achieved outstanding results in their public examinations. 95.3% of all A-Levels taken at Queen Elizabeth’s have been graded A or B, confirming the School’s position as one of the top boys’ schools in the country. In addition, 97.6% of all GCSE examinations taken by boys at Queen Elizabeth’s this year were graded A*, A or B, with 85.8% achieving the top two grades.

The Headmaster, John Marincowitz, said, "Our A-Level candidates have achieved magnificently with over 95% of all their examinations graded at A or B. I am delighted for the boys, all of whom will now take up top university places, and for their teachers who have achieved such splendid academic outcomes.

“I am also delighted by the boys’ performance at GCSE. All boys met the national measure of 5+ A* to C grades (including mathematics, English and science). With 86% of all entries being graded A* or A, they have achieved very high academic standards and solid foundations for success at A Level and beyond."

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