Parent to parent: “your donation will really make a difference” in “these tough Covid-19 times”

Parent to parent: “your donation will really make a difference” in “these tough Covid-19 times”

Representatives of The Friends of Queen Elizabeth’s have joined their voices to urge fellow parents to dig deep to support the School on Founder’s Day.

FQE Executive Committee member Mrs Anna Westcott says: “This year, the need to raise funds is even more acute due to the severe impact of Covid-19 on the income of the School – like many organisations QE has been hit hard. Your donation will really make a difference, as every penny will count towards helping the School.”

Fellow committee member Mrs Rekha Essex adds: “Our boys are incredibly lucky to be part of this School and to be able to benefit from the facilities offered, so if you are able to support this fundraising initiative with a donation, however small, please do visit the JustGiving page to donate.”

Mr Willie Rodrigues, Chairman of the FQE Fete Committee, underlines the fact that if it were not for FQE’s fundraising endeavours, it would simply not be possible for QE to provide ‘a state school experience like no other’. “As parents,” he says, ”we see a brick building estate that is the ‘School’, but these buildings come alive to inspire, encourage and fulfil both the academic and non-academic aspirations of our boys. Imagine what the future holds for our boys with your continued generosity – even more so in these tough Covid-19 times – in aiding the School with its vision.”

As a parent ambassador, Mrs Westcott helps in the build-up to Founder’s Day by communicating FQE requirements to form representatives and other ambassadors – a process which helps bond the whole School community together, she says.

“The fete is our annual opportunity to raise funds for the enrichment and development of the School and pupils. Each year since my son has been at school, we have run the football stand. It has been a real pleasure and joy to see the faces of kids as they desperately try to win a football and how they use their intellect to work out the probability of pulling a winning ticket (only at QE!).”

While lamenting the loss of “the fun and the excitement of Founder’s Day in the open”, she stresses the need for parents to support its virtual replacement.

Mrs Essex added: “As a parent at QE since 2014, a keen supporter of FQE and parent ambassador, I have always been struck by the amazing fundraising efforts of the School and its community. The facilities offered to the boys are unparalleled and the School is constantly looking at additional ways to provide more to benefit its pupils.

“This ability to continue to improve the School comes from the steadfast support of the parents and FQE community through their generous monthly donations and fundraising for the School.” Although the fete – the biggest fundraiser in the School calendar, bringing in around £20,000 – cannot take place in its usual format this year, the School is still looking to raise an equivalent amount through the JustGiving page,” she says.