Party people: Houses of Parliament visit

Some 35 Sixth-Formers visited the Houses of Parliament as part of their Politics studies.

The Year 12 boys found out about the history of the mother of parliaments during the trip to Westminster, as well as enjoying the opportunity to try the business of government for themselves.

Jamie Martin, of Year 12, said: “Overall the trip was a thoroughly enjoyable, educational and unforgettable experience.”

In addition to learning about the subjects of current Parliamentary debates, the boys also created their own political parties and framed laws and policies, incorporating into their party manifestoes ideas that they had previously discussed in class. The groups had put forward contrasting views on issues such as youth and the environment, thus giving a realistic representation of actual debates in the Commons, Jamie commented.

He added that his impressions from the day included being surprised by the small size of the Lords and Commons Chambers.

""Head of Politics, Liam Hargadon, led the trip, which is one of a series of visits organised annually for Sixth-Formers by the Politics Department. These include a conference later this year at which boys will hear from a diverse range of speakers such as MEP Nigel Farage, Leader of the UK Independence Party, and George Galloway MP. Boys can question politicians on topics covered in lessons and other issues about which they feel strongly.

“Such trips offer our students the chance to explore in greater depth an aspect of Politics which interests them,” said Mr Hargadon. “For some, it provides insights that will serve them well when they later pursue a Politics-related degree at university.”