Presidency is worth the hard work

Presidency is worth the hard work

Harry Peto (OE 2005-2012) has been elected President of the undergraduate student body at his Cambridge college.

Harry, who is reading Politics, Psychology and Sociology at Clare College, is juggling his studies alongside his responsibilities as President of the Union of Clare Students (UCS), the equivalent of other colleges’ Junior Common Room.

“Being President is a very varied and dynamic job,” said Harry. “My regular responsibilities include chairing meetings of the UCS Committee, which is great fun, and liaising regularly with college officers to make sure everything they do is as much in accordance as possible with students’ interests, as well as discussing any ideas of mine that might help to improve the lives of students at Clare.”

Harry is just entering his second year at Clare, where he will be specialising in Politics and International Relations. In addition to representing the interests of Clare College at the university-wide students’ union meetings, he has also discovered a host of less formal duties.

“At the moment I am working hard to organise Freshers’ Week. Basically I’m responsible for making sure they have a pleasant transition into university life.”

He is uncertain as to what the future holds once he graduates. “I have my eye on potential postgraduate opportunities abroad, as well as TeachFirst and a career in journalism or something politics-related!”