QE among top ten schools nationally for applications to élite jobs

QE is the only state school to feature in a list of the top ten schools generating the highest level of applications to prestigious graduate training schemes.

New research reveals that former QE boys are among the most likely nationally to apply for jobs at the most sought-after banks, law firms, management consultancies and FTSE 100 companies, alongside former pupils from leading independent schools such as Eton, Charterhouse, Westminster, Haberdashers’ Aske’s School for Boys and North London Collegiate School.

Headmaster Neil Enright said: “It is very pleasing to see our high position in this list. We certainly encourage our boys to be ambitious and have detailed programmes in place to assist them with university applications and with their future career.

""“Employers value applications from QE boys for a number of reasons. Firstly, our strictly meritocratic admissions policy means they can be sure that our leavers are genuinely able, regardless of their family background. And, of course, employers also take note of our exceptional examination results and of our consistently high progression rates for Russell Group, Oxbridge and Ivy League universities.”

""QE’s 2016 A-level results were its best ever recorded, with 98.9% of the 518 examinations taken awarded grades A*-B.

Reported in the Daily Telegraph, the research carried out by Rare, a recruitment company specialising in encouraging diversity in the workplace, found that 30 per cent of sixth-formers at the top ten schools had applied for the most prestigious graduate schemes. This compares to just 0.3 per cent of students at the bottom ten per cent of schools, meaning students educated at the ten schools were 100 times more likely to apply than those at the lowest-placed.

""The ten schools represent 0.3 per cent of the national school population, yet produce three per cent of all applications to the top firms.

The data has become available for the first time after applications to 28 leading City graduate schemes – including Boston Consultancy Group, Baker McKenzie, Barclays, Deloitte and Clifford Chance – were analysed using a Contextual Recruitment System (CRS).