QE awards first-ever Drama colours: and the winner is…

Queen Elizabeth’s School has awarded its first colours for drama, with seven senior boys being honoured.

The recipients, from Years 11 to 13, not only demonstrated commitment to drama for themselves, but also supported younger boys.

Headmaster Neil Enright said: “The School has for a long time awarded colours for extra-curricular activities such as sport, music and chess. With drama now so strong here, we felt the time had come to recognise commitment and accomplishment in that field in the same way. My congratulations go to these first seven recipients: I hope that their example will spur others on to follow their lead.”

The drama tie was awarded to:

  • ""Year 13 – Eddy Burchett, Keenan Dieobi, Nicholas Pirabaharan and Mark Thomas
  • Year 12 – Rahil Shah
  • Year 11 – Sathujan Manmatharajah and Maanav Patel

QE Drama Co-ordinator Elaine White said: “All these boys have shown their dedication and commitment to drama in School. Not only do they support the younger boys by leading warm-ups and rehearsals, they are also skilled at coaching and directing performan ces.

“They are committed to moving forward with their own skills and regularly perform themselves. A number of them have also achieved, or are undertaking, the Trinity College Silver Arts Award, a level 2 qualification.”

""Mark recalls that he was first enamoured of drama when he saw the effort and passion that went into a School play during his first few months at QE. He went on to win the Best Actor Award for Year 7. “I have always tried to embody this same spirit and passion for acting in every performance I give, regardless of the character that I play,” he said. Over the years, he has taken a number of leading roles, including Blind Pew in Treasure Island, Fagin in Oliver Twist and Shylock in The Merchant of Venice.

Keenan added: “I have been lucky enough to perform in many professional theatres, such as the Arts Depot, Finchley, and more recently in the West End Wyndham’s Theatre as part of a Shakespeare Schools Festival charity event, acting alongside Lee Mack, Hugh Dennis and many other stars. Only through drama would I have been given these great opportunities, which I will always cherish.”

The tie itself is navy blue. It bears the School crest, with ‘Drama’ written underneath.