QE boy achieves perfect score in élite mathematics competition

QE candidates have achieved notable success in this year’s Intermediate Mathematical Olympiad, with the results of two boys placing them among the UK’s top 50 mathematicians in their age group.

Gabriel Gendler, of Year 9, achieved a perfect score of 60 in the competition, while fellow QE pupil Madhi Elango scored 52 out of 60. Both boys were awarded medals for their impressive solutions to the questions. They received book prizes, Symmetry: The Ordering Principle and The Golden Section, which were given to the top 50 entrants in the competition, as well as certificates of distinction, given to the top 25% of the 1,600 students selected to take part in the Olympiad.

The Olympiad is the follow-on round from the UK Mathematics Trust’s Intermediate Challenge, which was sat this year by more than 200,000 pupils in Year 11 or below.

Seven other QE boys also qualified for the Olympiad and all gained certificates of merit, which are given to boys in the second 25% of results.

Head of Mathematics Gee Scarisbrick said: “Heartiest congratulations to Gabriel and Madhi, who distinguished themselves and were very worthy recipients of their book prizes. Indeed, congratulations are due to all the boys who qualified for the Olympiad: to be in the top 1,600 of over 200,000 who sat the Challenge is a real achievement.”