QE Physicists in top 50 in UK

Two Year 12 boys have been awarded gold in the British Physics Olympiad after achieving top-50 finishes. Nearly 2,000 students took part in the national competition; this is the first time that QE students have achieved gold.

“Aniruddh Raghu and Madhi Elango (pictured left and right) are to be particularly congratulated on their achievement,” said Physics teacher Ashley Dyson. “To be placed in the top 50 is exceptional as the test papers are targeted at Year 13 students and Madhi and Aniruddh are only in Year 12. We are delighted with their success.”

Year 13 student Mihir Deshpande was given a Bronze I award, which placed him in the top third of the competitors.

The examination-based competition’s stated aim is to challenge and reward the best physicists in British schools. Madhi and Aniruddh, who will receive a book prize for their achievements so far, now progress to the next round of the competition, which involves a three-hour examination. The top 15 will then be invited to a special camp where the best candidates will be selected to form a UK Physics Team for competition at international level.