QE Trinity trio honoured

QE Trinity trio honoured

Three Old Elizabethans have been honoured for their achievement by Trinity College, Cambridge, by being formally admitted as Scholars to its Foundation.

Gabriel Gendler (2007–2014), Andrew Hui (2008–2015) and Bhavik Mehta (2008–2015) all took part in the special ceremony, which dates back to 1560 – just 14 years after Henry VIII founded the college, which he dedicated to the “honour and glory of the Holy and Undivided Trinity”.

Scholarships at Trinity are awarded only to students who gain a first in university examinations or are strongly recommended by their Director of Studies. In becoming Scholars, the three OEs join the college’s Master, Fellows, Chaplains, Librarian, Regius Scholars of Divinity, Hebrew and Greek, and other Scholars, who together comprise the Foundation.

Gabriel was awarded a Senior Scholarship for achieving a first in Mathematics in his second-year university examination. Andrew and Bhavik were awarded Junior Scholarships for achieving firsts in their university examinations in Medicine and Mathematics respectively.

Before their admission as Scholars and their entry into the Admission of Scholars’ Ledger, held in Trinity’s Wren Library, the candidates first had to sign a declaration of loyalty to the college, which is the largest college at the university.

Ninety-nine Senior Scholars and 63 Junior Scholars were then admitted at the candlelit ceremony held in the college chapel, which was attended by guests including parents. After a welcome by the Senior Tutor, Professor Catherine Barnard, the gown-clad candidates were presented to the Master, Professor Sir Gregory Winter, by their tutors.

Professor Barnard said: “I feel immensely proud of all our students. They excel academically, as demonstrated by the number of scholars being admitted, but many excel in other ways: on the sporting field, as writers, musicians and artists. Trinity is a place which recognises and rewards students’ ability to fulfil their potential.”

Senior scholars received a copy of broadcaster Edward Stourton’s 2011 book, Trinity: A Portrait, and the Junior Scholars a copy of the history of the college by the historian G M Trevelyan, who served as Master there from 1940 to 1951.