QE’s impressive numbers in Maths Challenge

More than 85% of QE entries in this year’s UK Intermediate Maths Challenge gained a certificate.

All boys in the top five sets in Years 9 and 10 took part in the competition – a total of 256 entries. Of these, 61 boys (24%) achieved a gold certificate, with 81(32%) earning a certificate at silver level and 76 (30%) at bronze. Yew Hone Cheung received the Best-in-School certificate.

The Intermediate Challenge is aimed at the top 35% of pupils nationally and is organised by the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust. Students who perform exceptionally well are then invited by the Trust to take part in the follow-on rounds, the Intermediate Mathematical Olympiad and the Kangaroo (IMOK) suite of papers.

Following the Challenge, held in February 2008, 13 QE boys qualified for the Olympiad, which took place on 13 March. This was a two-hour, problem-solving paper. Twenty-four boys qualified for the European Kangaroo which will take place on 24 April and is a one-hour, multiple-choice paper.

Head of Mathematics Fauziah Scarisbrick congratulated the boys on their achievement and wished those in the follow-on rounds luck.