School-linked charity’s commitment to Nepal

A charity founded in memory of an Old Elizabethan has stepped up its activities in Nepal in the wake of the devastating earthquake. 

Guy’s Trust was set up in remembrance of Guy Joseph (OE 1997-2002, pictured below), who was killed in a paragliding accident in the Pyrenees in 2011. Guy’s interests included conservation and education for the disadvantaged; the Trust’s investment in education Nepal reflects both his passions and his love for the country.

Since it was established, the Trust has raised over £300,000 to build, equip and staff three Early Childhood Development Centres in Nepal.

""“We are relieved to be able to report that none of the projects we directly support was damaged and that all the children and their families are safe,” said Guy’s mother, Vicky Joseph, the Chair of Trustees. “However, the utter devastation is widespread and we have been carefully considering how best we can respond.”

With the major aid agencies dealing with the immediate need for food, medical help and shelter, the Trust has donated £5,000 towards the provision of temporary schools or the reconstruction of damaged ones.

According to Save the Children, 2.8 million people have been displaced and, although the number of fatalities is uncertain, at the very least 6,000 people have lost their lives. The larger aid agencies are trying to deal with the immediate requirements of health, food and shelter but are already talking of the immense, long-term, reconstruction programme that will be required.

""“We are currently in discussion with local agencies and with individuals on the ground to ensure that the money is put to the best possible use,” said Mrs Joseph. It is not launching a special appeal, but it is inviting people to donate through the Trust. “Any donations will be very welcome and we will guarantee that they will go directly to the people who need it,” added Mrs Joseph.

Donations are being accepted through the Trust’s online Giving page, Guy’s Trust.