Science highlights

Out of ten Year 13 QE entrants to the Institute of Biology’s annual Biology Olympiad, two achieved Silver awards, five Bronze, one was Highly Commended and one Commended. Two Year 13 boys were also awarded Silver in the National Chemistry Olympiad.

This term the School arranged for 10 Year 12 boys to attend a Spectroscopy day at Imperial College, giving them hands-on experience of equipment that is too large and expensive to have in schools.

To mark Global Immunology Day, members of the British Society for Immunology from University College London staged a special debate at QE. It looked at the positive role of the immune system in combating infection and cancer, and contrasted it with immune dysfunction, such as allergies, asthma and immunodeficiency. The format allowed boys to weigh up the pros and cons of immunity, and the challenges facing researchers.