Spitfire at one o’clock!

Year 9 boys enjoyed a History Department trip to an air museum – and especially a rare chance to see a Spitfire take to the skies.

The visit to Imperial War Museum Duxford in Cambridgeshire provided pupils with first-hand knowledge of the aircraft and military equipment used during the two World Wars and with the opportunity to find out more about the people involved in those conflicts, which the boys are researching as part of this year’s course on The changing nature of warfare. In particular, they took the chance to learn about the Battle of Britain, which they have been studying recently.

""The trip was for the whole of Year 9, with each half of the year going on separate days.

Head of History Helen MacGregor reported on a successful visit, with the boys’ enjoyment enhanced by their consumption of ice-creams and packed lunches in glorious spring weather!

“The boys benefit immensely from this experience,” she said. “There are great hangars with amazing planes which they love seeing.

""“The best part was on Friday when we saw a Spitfire pilot practise his routine: he taxied directly past my group and gave us a wave while the boys cheered. Then he took off right in front of us and performed amazing loops and dives. We lay on the grass in the sun watching him in the skies.”