Success for Ife and Daniel in London-wide art competition

QE boy Ife Adepegba was among just a handful of winners from across London schools in a new city-wide art competition, while fellow Year 10 pupil Daniel Fernando took one of the runners-up spots.

Both boys visited City Hall to receive certificates from the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, who had launched the Look Out London 2010 Schools Awards earlier this year during Children’s Art Day. The prizewinners came from just eight schools, including QE.

The competition was organised by Engage, the National Association for Gallery Education, which invited young Londoners in primary and secondary schools to create artwork in any medium, working individually or in groups. The idea was to take inspiration from their local surroundings – the streets and buildings, the parks and open spaces – looking at them in a new and exciting way. The competition is part of the Big Draw festival.""

Speaking at the presentation ceremony, Engage Director Jane Sillis said: “We have had entries from schools across London…and the young people who have come today have produced some stunning drawings all about London and London Life.”
The Mayor, who himself enjoys drawing, added: “Drawing is not about being the best; it’s about putting across the way you feel, right there, in the moment. The world is your sketchbook and I hope everyone will be inspired to join in the Big Draw.”

On the same day as the presentation, City Hall also hosted a preview of the Battle of the Cartoonists and the Mayor launched another Big Draw highlight, Make Your Mark on the Future. This two-day event featured 40 activities at key locations such as Southwark Cathedral and HMS Belfast in which top artists, cartoonists, architects and archaeologists joined Londoners to celebrate London’s changing river and skyline.""

Sue Grayson Ford, Director of the Campaign for Drawing said: “Big Draw events are designed to break down the ‘I can’t draw’ barrier. Our aim is to show that drawing is a vital tool for learning, observation, thought, creativity and communication. Best of all, it’s accessible – at the end of our fingertips.”