Success of summer event heralds a new year of House contests

QE boys are looking forward to another year of intense inter-House competition.

The School’s new House Co-ordinator, Martin Bassett-Jones, said: “House events are an excellent way to promote a spirit of healthy competition in areas as diverse as music and sport.”

Among the highlights last term was an inter-house challenge that required boys grouped in their Houses to transfer as much water as possible across tracks on the School field, using only plastic cups, string and bamboo.

“A total of 360 boys from Years 8 and 9 worked together well to plan and execute methods of getting water across a gap without simply carrying it themselves,” said Mr Bassett-Jones. “Many different and innovative methods were in evidence.  The boys clearly had a very enjoyable time, with good co-operation between the year groups.”

""“The event proved to be an excellent means of encouraging team-building between boys in different year groups within the same House.”

Leicester House won the challenge, because they were the first to transfer five litres within the 15-minute timeframe.