Team’s ‘tour de force’

QE has been named runner-up in a London-wide schools competition involving the creation of a Mathematics video.

A Year 11 team comprising Aadil Kara, Akshay Narayan and Janith Peiris took the MegaMaths Award in the competition run jointly by King’s College London and Exeter University.

The Kings-Exeter Mathematics Competition drew more than 30 entries from school teams across the capital. They were required to make a Platonic or Archimedean solid and explain the mathematics behind it in a short film.

The successful QE team made a five-minute video featuring speeded-up footage and voices. Their chosen solid was a shape with 62 faces, 120 vertices and 180 edges – otherwise known as a truncated icosidodecahedron. Their video earned the following official plaudit when it was posted on the competition website: “So much maths, so fast – this mathematical tour de force from Aadil, Akshay and Janith will keep you on your toes.”""

They named their team 1.21 Gigawatts – a reference to the electricity needed to power the time machine in the Back to the Future film trilogy.

The videos were appraised according to three criteria:

  • How good was the object made?
  • Was the mathematics discussed a) interesting and b) presented clearly?
  • Was the video well-produced and engaging.

The video can be viewed on the King’s College website:

Congratulating the trio, Head of Mathematics Jessica Steer said they will attend the competition’s awards ceremony on 10th March. She also thanked all the other teams who had entered.

The overall winner of the competition was Henrietta Barnett School.