The Queen’s Library opens

The Queen’s Library opens

The new Queen’s Library has now opened to Sixth-Formers. Offering ample space for independent study and reading, it is fully networked, with 96 computer terminals. The Library will become available to all younger pupils later in the year.

“It is a light, airy place which brings Years 12 & 13 right into the heart of the School, and they are enjoying being there,” says the Headmaster.

The Library’s opening marks the final phase of the development of a major building project in the central area of the campus, which has also included a new Dining Hall, a Food Technology area and Cafe 1573.

The process of systematically building up the School’s book collections to take full advantage of the additional shelf space available in the Library is now well underway. The School will shortly be appointing a librarian.

Sixth-Formers have been making the most of the facility for quiet study during free periods. Adjoining the Library itself is the LTR (Library Teaching Room), a seminar-style teaching room used for Sixth-Form lessons and certain academic enrichment activities, as well as the new offices of the Heads of Years 12 and 13.

Sixth-Form pupils are also the chief beneficiaries of Café 1573, which provides a coffee shop-style environment in which they can socialise.

With the Sixth Form having therefore now vacated their previous centre in the Heard Building, preparations for a new base for the English Department there are moving forward.