Top-100 finish for Yuta in Olympiad

Year 10 boy Yuta Tsuchiya has been awarded a silver medal and a distinction certificate after finishing in the top 100 in the élite Intermediate Mathematical Olympiad. 

Aneesh Chopada, of Year 9, and Nitharsan Sathiyalingam, of Year 10, were also awarded distinction certificates, with a further six boys achieving merit certificates and two others participation certificates.

The Olympiad is an invitation event run by the UK Mathematics Trust, which selects the top students who competed in the UK Intermediate Maths Challenge, a competition open to Years 9, 10 and 11. Nearly 1,700 students took part this year.

“Even to reach the Olympiad is a significant achievement,” said Assistant Head of Mathematics Wendy Fung. “Solving any one of the problems set is an impressive feat and any boys who did more than that deserve corresponding praise.”

In addition to the School's involvement in the Olympiad, 71 QE boys took part in the Kangaroo, which is a follow-on round from the Intermediate Challenge for those not awarded places in the Olympiad. The top 25% in each paper receive a certificate of merit. Among the QE contingent, Year 9 boys Souhardh Kotakadi, Nikhil Shah and Sahil Shah, together with Year 11 boys Hayato Murata, Jake Breindel, Svaraaj Harbhajanka and Daniil Slavin were awarded merit certificates. The remaining 64 boys received participation certificates.

“My congratulations go to all these qualifiers,” said Miss Fung.