Update from artist Arjun

Update from artist Arjun

Arjun Paliwal (OE 2006-2013) has launched his own website to display his work and talk about his experiences and insights.

Now in his second year studying Fine Art at New College, Oxford, Arjun also told Alumni News more about a special event that he staged at the college during the summer.

“I wanted to experiment with the hybrid nature of painting and sculpture in contemporary art, and so I placed my paintings in the middle of the New College Lawn for one day only, but presented them as sculptural forms. As the day progressed, students started to draw towards the works, sitting around them eating lunch or studying. They were subconsciously participating in the work of art. This, to me, is a whole new opportunity for artists, and one that I cannot wait to continue exploring.”

Arjun provided this update after featuring in last summer’s Alumni News e-newsletter.

In his first year at Oxford, one of his films – Human – was chosen as one of only ten being shown at the Ruskin Shorts show.

The annual event showcases the diversity of moving image work undertaken by students, alumni and staff of ‘the Ruskin’, Oxford University’s Fine Art department. The show took place at Modern Art Oxford, one of the UK’s leading venues for the presentation of modern and contemporary visual art.

Arjun’s three-minute film has a minimalist sound track and features headings such as ‘Robot’ and ‘It isn’t funny’ interspersed with fast-moving images.

Arjun had already begun to make his mark in the wider art world while still at QE: his A-level examination artwork, entitled Frames, was shortlisted in the Royal Academy’s A-level Summer Exhibition Online.

In the longer term, he would like to work as a product designer.

Arjun’s website is www.arjunpaliwal.com. [Website no longer operating – Ed. May 2019]