Welcome to QE! New-style induction events for boys and their parents

QE’s new induction events have given boys joining QE this September and their parents a real insight into the School as well as the chance to make friends.

This year for the first time, boys as well as parents were invited to the welcome events and they took place across three afternoons, instead of just one evening. Two of the 2015-16 Year 7 forms were invited to each of the three events.

Proceedings started with a series of illustrated talks in the Main Hall. Headmaster Neil Enright gave a welcome and current Year 7 boys and the School Captain, Norbert Sobolak, spoke about life as a QE pupil. In his talk, Mr Enright explained the School’s mission statement: ‘to produce young men who are confident, able and responsible’ and looked both at the extensive new facilities provided in recent years through the support of the Friends of Queen Elizabeth’s (FQE) and at future plans for further improvements.

""The Head of Year 7 and Assistant Head Michael Taylor gave an introduction to Year 7 for parents and Emi Aghdiran, another Assistant Head addressed them on technology and support.

Topics covered included the need for both parents and boys to adjust to secondary school life in general, and to life at QE in particular. Dr Taylor pointed out, for example, that, having been high-flyers at primary or prep school, boys coming into Year 7 at QE might find they were no longer at the top academically in every subject. There was also an explanation of the School’s House system and of policies on aspects of School life such as uniform, absence and mobile phones. In her talk, Mrs Aghdiran explained how the School’s integrated use of technology and IT both helped boys in their education and also made communication between home and School easier and more efficient.

""In the meantime, the boys were led out by volunteer helpers from Year 12 who took each form group into one classroom, where they tackled a quiz designed to find out what they had in common with their future classmates, thus helping them get to know each other.

The Sixth-Formers then took the boys on a tour of the School, during which the visitors’ powers of observation were tested with another quiz, featuring questions such as ‘There is a noticeboard opposite Dr Taylor’s office. What is it for?’

Parents and boys all then met up again in the main Hall where they enjoyed informal conversation with the Headmaster and other staff. Refreshments were served by representatives of FQE, who were also on hand to answer any questions about volunteering for the School. Staff from the School Shop attended to sign families up for the boys’ uniform fittings.

Speaking afterwards, the Headmaster said: “These afternoons were a new venture for us and they seem to have been successful, so we plan to run them again next year. It’s certainly given all our visiting families – and especially the boys – ample opportunity to find out more about the School and future classmates.”