Wonderful and buzzing! QE pupil’s unforgettable day inside Windsor Castle at the “perfect” royal wedding

Wonderful and buzzing! QE pupil’s unforgettable day inside Windsor Castle at the “perfect” royal wedding

One of QE’s leading sixth-formers enjoyed a day of a lifetime rubbing shoulders with members of the Royal Family and celebrities within the walls of Windsor Castle.

Binu Perera, who is a Senior Vice-Captain at QE, was just a few metres from the carriage of the newly-weds as it left the castle.

He was one of 1,200 members of the public invited to the castle for the day by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, based on nominations from the nine regional Lord Lieutenant offices. Binu was selected by the School for the honour, with the recommendation then passed on to Martin Russell, who is Deputy Lieutenant for the Borough of Barnet and a former QE parent.

Since he is under 18, Binu, of Year 12, was accompanied by his mother as a chaperone. “It was an absolute honour, truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” he said afterwards. “The wedding was absolutely amazing. Windsor Castle was beautiful, and I had such a great time with my mum. We were so close to the carriage, the rest of the royals – and so many other celebrities. The atmosphere was buzzing!” The picture above was taken by Binu.

“The service itself was wonderful, and there was such a warm and summery atmosphere: it sounds really clichéd, but in many ways, it truly was a perfect wedding,” he adds. “I never imagined that I would be among such a small number of people chosen to attend such an iconic and symbolic event.”

Thanking the School for the opportunity, Binu added: “This royal wedding was a symbolic one: representative of the modern, changing image of Britain – a country of acceptance, variety and multiculturalism. The service itself was unique in terms of the mix of gospel and traditional music and the readings given, embodying the couple’s contemporary approach to the Monarchy.”

Assistant Head David Ryan’s nomination to the Deputy Lieutenant described Binu as “an excellent role model” who set up his own online blog for young people tackling topics as diverse as medical ethics, depression and identity.

“Within the School he has been appointed as senior Vice Captain to the School Captain on account of his excellent record of involvement, in peer-mentoring, in music and a range of other school-based activities. Modest yet charming, witty and effervescent, it is hard not to be impressed by him.

“In many ways he embodies modern Britain; he is hard-working, marrying his innate talents with industry and determination, which underlies his desire to enter the field of medicine when he moves on to undergraduate studies. We recommend him wholeheartedly,” Mr Ryan wrote.