The power of our network in action

The power of our network in action

Medical entrepreneur and orthopaedic surgeon Ash Kalraiya has been in touch with a wonderful story of how the alumni network helped him secure investment from fellow OE Saav Shah’s firm – even though at QE their paths had never crossed.

Ash (OE 1997-2004), the 2003 School Captain, is the founder of MediShout, a London-based company that brings together medical suppliers and help desks. Using just the ‘one stop shop’ app, hospitals can tackle an array of tasks, from reporting broken equipment and requesting IT support, to managing stock levels, resolving estates & facilities problems and contacting equipment suppliers.

Ash takes up the tale: “A couple of years ago, QE did an online article about me which got spotted by Saav Shah. We connected due to the article and stayed in touch, and, a few months ago, his fund was the lead investor in our seed round. This wouldn’t have happened without QE’s article, so thank you so much!”

MediShout’s seed round, which raised £4.3m, was led by Nickleby Capital, where Saav (OE 1999–2006), who was two years below Ash at QE, is Managing Partner.

“As a venture investor I believe I am investing in people over anything else,” he explains. “I had never met Ash prior to seeing the article, but knowing what it takes to be a School Captain at QE, I was keen to find out more about Medishout. I would argue the key attributes needed in building a company are very similar to that of what QE looks for in head boys – leaders, academic, public speakers etc. I believe QE has such a powerful alumni network if utilised correctly!”

Both are keen to maintain links with the School. Saav has two young sons: he has already set his sights on their becoming QE boys in years to come. Ash and his brother, Anish (OE 1990–1997) and friends are all planning to come to this year’s Old Elizabethans’ Dinner.