The Association encourages members with an interest in common to use its networking facilities to pursue that interest, whether social, sporting, business or professional, as a Section.

The Sections are self-governing and self-financing: they have permission to use the name and logo but do not receive a subsidy from Association funds nor have any role in its governance.

Each Section has its own constitution that may include provision for:
• Additional subscriptions or attendance fees to be payable;
• OEs who are not members of the Association, or other interested persons, to participate in its activities.

The currently active Sections are listed below, with, where relevant, a link to a subsidiary page that provides further information about its activities and who to contact. Changes to the list are notified on the Bulletins Page and in The Elizabethan.

200 Club

Association Football

Barnet Elizabethans Rugby Club

Business Club

Cricket Club

Forty Society

Golf Society

Masonic Lodge

Memorial Playing Fields Company

Social Club