Old Elizabethans (Barnet) Playing Fields Limited was incorporated on 31st August 1950 in order to lease the Memorial Playing Fields at Gypsy Corner from the then Barnet Borough Council.

The Association itself was not an appropriate legal entity for this purpose. The paid up capital of the Company comprises seven £ 1 shares, each of which is held by a member of the Association. The Association controls the ownership of the shares by holding transfers signed by each of the seven shareholders.

There is a Board comprising nine directors who act voluntarily and, as far as possible, are representative of the organizations (currently 7) that have formal agreements to use the facilities. A Management Committee is appointed to look after the maintenance of the playing field and the pavilion.

The Board is actively seeking to improve the facilities at the site and extend the use of the playing field and the pavilion. A Development Committee has been established to identify suitable schemes and investigate potential sources of the necessary Funds.

Any member requiring further information with regard to the Company or who might be interested in participating in the Company’s activities should contact Michael Woolf, the Hon. Secretary.