Since 1980 The 200 Club has contributed many thousands of pounds in support of The OE Playing Field Company (Gypsy Corner), Memorial Ground, The OE Association and The School.

For a modest investment of just £12.00 a year for each number subscribed to, members qualify to participate in prize draws that are at present held in June and December of each year. Results of the draws are published in The Elizabethan and will in future also be posted on the bulletin board of this website. Of course you may apply for more than one number to increase your chance of winning by just amending the subscription shown to £24, £36 and so on.

Membership is open to all OEs and to anyone with an interest in the ongoing success of The Association and The School. Any member may subscribe to an unlimited number of entries. If you currently subscribe by cheque, perhaps you would consider transferring your method of payment to bank standing order as this would substantially reduce our administration costs.

The total prize fund for the current year is £675.00. The December draw has a top prize of £200.00.

To subscribe to The OE 200 Club, click on the link below to download a membership application form and standing order mandate. Please complete and sign both parts of the form and return it to me by post. Your membership details will be confirmed to you by e-mail.

New members are always welcome and the continued support of existing members is very much appreciated.

The Old Elizabethans 200 Club is subject to the Lotteries Regulations 1993 and is registered with and licensed by the London Borough of Barnet.