The Society exists to promote good fellowship among Old Elizabethans of similar vintage, and to take an interest in the current activities of the School.

Membership is open to all former pupils of the School who left forty or more years ago. There is no subscription but those members attending a meeting are expected to pay the requisite amount, normally calculated just to cover any costs involved, in advance and certainly no later than the end of the meeting concerned.

Meetings, usually in the form of luncheons at Gypsy Corner, with a speaker, are held at regular intervals, normally in the spring and autumn each year. The cost of attendance covers the food and wine, but not pre-luncheon drinks: there is a raffle from which the proceeds are donated to either the School or the Playing Fields Company.

The Society is managed by a Committee consisting of a Secretary, Treasurer and one other member, who hold office for 12 months and are (re-)elected at the AGM.