Our mission is to produce young men who are confident, able and responsible – and has been since our foundation in 1573.

The original charter, granted by Queen Elizabeth I, established the School, “for the education, bringing up and instruction of boys”. This holistic view of the School’s role has continued to this day.

When boys leave us they not only have exceptional academic records, but are prepared to go and take their place in the world. We want them go on to enjoy successful, fulfilled and happy adult lives, whilst making a positive contribution to others in society.

Boys typically perform incredibly strongly in public examinations, with a clean sweep of A* at GCSE or A-level not being uncommon. They then take up places at the very best universities, both in the UK and overseas – with a recent trend for more boys going to Ivy League institutions in the United States. Further details on these outcomes can be found on our School Performance page.

However, there is far more to life at QE than examination results. Boys gain a fully rounded experience, with as much focus on what goes on beyond the classroom as within it.

In keeping with the School’s ancient traditions, but recognising the opportunities presented by technological advance, the Governors have recently reconfirmed the School’s mission.